Honorary Chairman - Turgut KIRAN

Turgut KIRAN

Kıran embarked on its long – winded journey in 1959 as a shiprepair and fitting facilities workshop.

Many years had to go by until the purchase of the first vessel, an old cargo ship, and this marked the beginning of a ne area in the history of our company.

Kıran became a shipping company. This vessel, named “Kar” with a capacity of 1.500 DWT became a treasured asset in the long journey we were about to set on as Kiran Shipping Co.

Her capacity was increased to 2.200 DWT; “Kar” was registered under a new name, “Tahir Kıran”.

It vas owing to this vessel that a brand new company involved in commercial shipping and ship management was established. It was after this ship was launched that as a company we turned our modest standing to strength, inexperience to wisdom; we gained confidence in our field and our aspirations and our perspective became broader.

At the end of our first 45 years in shipping services, we are proud to see that it has been an everincreasing passion since the launching of that tiny ship that carried our company forward. With a love for the sea, always abiding by our principles of honesty, with stamina and determination, we have carried out our business for 40 years to day. Our flag has been a badge of honour all over the world. Our goal has been to improve Turkish shipping business among its peers.

It is our will that the same passion and spirit will be passed on the future generations in Kiran Shipping.