About Turgut Kıran Maritime Faculty

As Kıran Holding, we wanted to build a new feature on the legacy of the past by building a Marine School and Accommodation Facilities in our hometown, the Black Sea city of Rize. Our purpose was to create a center that would contribute to education, culture and scientific research provided by the Rize University – whose eminence as an academic institution has been increasingly growing- and also to Rize’s economic and social life. Rize University’s Turgut Kıran Marine School which opened on Aug. 12, 2009 Wednesday in a ceremony attended by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has the mission of providing applied and quality education and training with the ultimate aim of having graduates who possess both universal and domestic values; and who make use of technology with top level professional skills.

Our vision is to become a leading and reputed entrepreneurial school in global marine education whose graduates will be sought for in the sector as innovative individuals who respect fellow human beings as well as the environment and as shipmen that will drive the Turkish shipping industry to never heights.

The building of the school comprises a 7,00-squaremeter area. The project that was started on July 2007 reached completion in January of 1009. It was listed as an option for students wishing to pursue marine studies in the national university admission examination, the Student Selection Exam (ÖSS), in the same year. The school has 14 classrooms, 19 labs, a 200-seat conferenca hall, a library, a computer hall, a modern cafeteria, a canteen for students, rooms for social activity clubs and offices for the faculty and administrative staff. The interior design of the school reflects the culture and spirit of seamanship with oil paintings and other decorative items.

The school also provides accommodation faicilities for faculty members, equipped to offer high standarts of quality.The Turgut Kıran Marine School is comprised of three departments offering degrees in Ship Transport Management, Ship Machinery Engineering and Nautical Management. The Deck Department will also start its activities with 60 students beginning English language preparatory courses ing the 2009 – 2010 educational year. The school brings the number of four-year marine colleges offering undergraduate degrees in Turkey to nine.

Our beliefs is that our school will yield sprouts that promise a burgeroning future for our sector and that the process of learning and teaching together will be perpetuated via cooperation between the sector and the university to create a strong and great economy for Turkey. To this end, we as Kıran Holding will always be ready to meet technical needs of our students that might arise in the future to protect this heritage.

We as Kıran Holding wish for the marine school built under the auspices of Turgut Kıran for donation to the Rize University to bring success to the Turkish shipping industry. Relying on the guidance of our great leader Atatürk, who once said “ We should consider maritime as the Turks” great national ideal and we should succeed in achieving that in a short time,”we hope that the Turgut Kıran Marine School will contribute to Turkey as the admiral ship of the Rize University.