KIRAN’s story begins in a repair and maintenance shop in 1959.

An old cargo vessel which was put up for sale, after trading for many years, has pioneered Kiran into Shipping. Named “KAR”, a 1,500 deadweight capacity refrigerated cargo vessel, set it’spath in the history of Kiran Shipping Fleet. After repairs and being converted up to a 2,200 Deadweight capacity, the vessel was registered under the name M/V Tahir Kiran.

This vessel became a keystone in the establishment of a brand new company in Merchant Marine and Ship Management fields. While the lack of experience turned in to expertise, the hopes bloomed, grew and with this vessel. Once being a small company, evolved into a serious shipping corporation. The dreams came true.

Now, as we enter our 63Th year in the shipping industry, when we look back, we see the ambition that started with that small ship, has not diminished at all, to the contrary keeps growing. For the past 63 years, we conducted our business with professionalism, motivation with our utmost love for shipping and without jeapordising our principles in a decisive and righteous manner.

We hosted our flag all over the world with dignity. We worked very hard with utmost joy to help develop and improve the Turkish Shipping Sector From now onwards, we shall still keep on going with our work with the same motivation on belief for many generations to come.

Turgut KIRAN

Kıran Holding A.Ş.

Honorary Chairman