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Our course is the Whole World!

In this journey that begins with passion, perseverance, hard work and determination, we have always been innovative and pioneer in the maritime industry.

Kıran Holding
Kıran Holding

63 Years of Success

We have developed solutions that will leave a mark in the sector with our experienced team that can respond to the constantly evolving and changing requirements of the sector and our state-of-the-art, smooth and comprehensive technical equipment.

Kıran Holding

Sensitive to World Values

We have always respected people and nature. In consideration of future generations, without polluting our seas, without compromising our principles, we waved our country's flag with honor in the world's seas.

Kıran Holding

Fast, Reliable, Quality

KIRAN Holding will continue to develop and become one of the reputable transportation companies in the world known for its sustainability, reliability and speed in terms of maritime transport by operating its own resources or renting it to operators.

From 1959 to the Present

Kıran Holding's Story

Our story begins in a repair and maintenance shop in 1959. An old cargo vessel which was put up for sale, after trading for many years, has pioneered Kiran into Shipping. Named “KAR”, a 1,500 deadweight capacity refrigerated cargo vessel, set it’spath in the history of Kiran Shipping Fleet.

Kıran Holding

63 years of expertise

We break the helm to new horizons, new seas!


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